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About Linguapedia

Linguapedia is an open-source wiki for the historical linguistics community. It is a combination of an etymological dictionary and historical linguistics encyclopedia. All linguists are welcome to contribute, since this site is meant to be a lab where users can develop their hypotheses.

The entries on Linguapedia are mostly those of word histories and language descriptions. Entries (or articles) on linguist biographies, linguistics departments, universities, research institutes, and research projects are also welcome. Linguapedia also includes word lists and other open-source linguistic materials.

Why Linguapedia?


How Linguapedia is different from Wikipedia and Wiktionary:

  • Entries on biological species have lengthy word histories and lexical data for little-known languages from around the world. This is not accepted on either Wikipedia (due to various content policies) or Wiktionary (where all multilingual entries generally must have ISO codes).
  • There is no "Wikipedia (or Linguapedia) is not a dictionary" policy, where long word lists and comparative tables in an article would get deleted. On the contrary, we encourage, and need, such content.
  • No strict notability and conflict of interest policies as on Wikipedia, as long as the topic or subject is related to linguistics. Linguistics students are more than welcome to write biographies about themselves.
  • Original research is an integral part of this wiki. Users are welcome to publish their own data and hypotheses.

This wiki for the historical linguistics community is comparable to AntWiki, Palmpedia, and other niche scientific wikis.

For more information, see Linguapedia:About.